Welcome the Compu-Grille Website. We have supplied load bearing grilles to the access floor industry for the past 4 decades. Our patented design is proven to be the most versatile and durable in the industry. Besides our standard anodized aluminum finish, there are many other finishes available.

We also supply linear diffusers for office building designs custom built to your specifications. We have provided many solutions for perimeter applications in Under Floor Air Design (UFAD) LEED certified buildings.


Compu-Grommet will provide positive plenum sealing required for cable penetrations in UFAD applications.

Compu-Glass Panel

Compu-Glass clear view panels are made of laminated glass and designed to fit into Tate, ASM, and USG bolted stringer raised floors.


Compu-Ramp is the simple solution to the ADA 1:12 requirement for the start of any ramp, raised floor or otherwise, providing the proper slope and a non slip surface.

Access Floor Accessories

We stock many access floor accessories including:

• New and used access floor panels and supports.
• Floor coverings
• Cable cut out trim and fasteners.
• Grommets of all sizes.
• Electrical boxes.
• Panel lifting devices

Please call us if you need answers!